The Win Sein Meditation Centre is known throughout the country but recently a new structure has made it more famous. It is an immense reclining image in the pose of death, more than 600ft (182.9m) long. Entrances in the “pillow” and other places lead to interior meditation chambers. It is the longest reclining image in the world, and in Myanmar.

It lies 24km south of Kyaik-ka-mi and 16km south west of Thanbyuzayat, Mon State. It is a very wide brown sand beach that tends toward tidal flats when the shallow surf-line recedes at low tide.

It is located in central Mu-don Township to southeast five furlongs distance east of Kyaik-ka-me Road. According to history evidence , Mu-don Kan-gyi Pagoda and Kan-taw-lay Pagoda are made of laterite in the Buddha's life time.

It was buit by prisoners of war during WWII. Located at Thanbyuzayat and 42mi (67km) far from Mawlamyine.

Located 88km to the south of Mawlamyine and it is easy to get there by car about 2-hrs from Mawlamyine. Kyaik-ka-mi Pagoda,perched on the rocks by the sea and joined to the land by a covered causeway.

Donated by Queen Sein Don, a much - loved queen of King Mindon (r. 1853-1878) who had a green number of queens of various ranks, this monastery was originally her residence. Her mansion incorporated many features of the Mandalay Place, including a replica in scale of the Lion Throne which is still on view. The corridors are lined with glided carved figures and the interior decorated with intricately-carved and thickly gilded-floral designs.

It is said to be the original capital of the Mons but now that distinction  has shifted  to  Mawlamyine. However, Tha-hton  still  boasts  some  historical links.

Kyaik-hti-yo ‘Golden Rock’ Pagoda Kyaik-hti-yo, or Golden Rock Pagoda,   near Kyaikhto town in Mon State is regarded as a miracle by Buddhist devotees. It is a small spire of 18ft (5.5m) believed to enshrine a hair  relic  of  the Buddha .It is set atop a  uge  boulder which in turn is balanced on the edge of  a cliff. The wide  open  platform gives  a  fantastic  view  of  distant  mountains,  especially  at  sunset. A  large  ordination hall near the entrance of the pagoda has the look of a crown with many tiers.

It is an interesting flat rock formation 300ft, in height with a Buddhist shrine, situated on top. It lays at the eastem side Mawlamyine-Mudon Highway.

This two storey building is dedicated to the Mon history of the region .The museum’s modest collection includes: stelae with Mon inscriptions,silver betel boxes , royal funerary urns , wooden Buddha altars,etc.

The pagoda, about 4 miles far from Kock Hnat Village, was built by the Mon national U Nar Out about 100 years ago. It is a place where you can seek Myanmar architecture mostly made by precious teak.

It is located at Yadana-taung  in  Mawlamyine . As you  are  heading  south   towards   Mu-don   from Mawlamyine, this temple is located on the left hand side of the road.

This was founded by Reverend Adoniram Judson, an American Baptist missionary who translated the Bible into Myanmar and compiled an English-Myanmar dictionary.

Situated on the ridge overlooking the town, Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda is also a famous pilgrimage site, offering a panoramic view of the town and the habour.

The image enshrined in Mawlamyine is a replica of the one in the Maha Muni Pagoda at Mandalay although not covered with thick gold leaf.

The Hump Pagoda was built by Hermit Teiktha, who built the Kyaik Hti Yo Pagoda. He built it in Sakarit 47, five years earlier than Kyaik Hti Yo. Its structure was unique in that it was composed of three rocks in a row. It is about four miles from Kyonka village, Paung Township, Mon State. It lie near Thabeikaing monastery on the Hump Mountain Range. Therefore, the pagoda is also known as the Hump Pagoda.

It is one of the natural lime stone  caves  situated at Kha- Yone Village , Kyaik-ma-yaw Township in Mon State.

The Death Railway is a 415km (258miles) railway between Bangkok, Thailand & Myanmar built  by the  Empire  of  Japan during  World  War  II , to support its forces in the Myanmar campaign.

Zin-kyaik Waterfall is located near the main  road and rail line of Yangon-Dawei , near by  Zin-kyaik Village. It is panoramic and a pleasant place as a picnic spot.

It is situated in Kyaik-hto, Mon State. The image hid the wonders of its eyes blinking, its immobility despite two thousand elephants, horses & men, its   floating   in   water   on  the  form  of   a  rock cartwheel,   its   live  mole   never   disappearing despite repeated gilding thereon.

It lies in Zoke-thoke Village, Bi-lin Township, Mon State. Zoke-thoke Village is near Bi-lin-Taungzun Motor  Road, between  Ke-la-tha  Mountain  and Bi-lin River.

About 40 miles (64km) south of Mawlamyine, Thanbyuzayat, which literally means “A shed of white iron sheet”, is named after a structure which existed when it was the western terminus of the Death Railway built by prisoners of the Japanese during World War II. Thousands of allied prisoners-of-war as well as Myanmar and other Asians died building the railway, which had its eastern terminus at Kanchanaburi in Thailand. Thanbyuzayat symbolizes the horrors of war and has a cemetery under the care of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

On  23  February  1942 ,  Sit-taung  Bridge   was destroyed  by  British  Army during  World War II.

This is the place where you can see the panoramic view of Mawlamyine and Than Lwin river.

Uzina Pagoda is located in Mawlamyine , the capital city of Mon State.This pagoda was named after a former monk who dreamt of finding gems at this spot , then dug them up and used the proceeds to build a pagoda on this site.

This place is very famous over the world for its cottage industries manufacturing a variety of household goods such as pipe , Myanmar walking sticks, slate and rubber export.It is a beautiful island and plentiful with many fields.

American Baptist missionary Adoniram Judson was the first one who brought Christian Religion into Myanmar. During 1813, Judson and his wife Ann Hasseltine lived in Yangon for ten years  and then moved to Capital Ava to start Christian missionary works. Kyaikkahmi  (Amherst) Baptist Church was first founded by Judson on 4 February 1827 and in the Church you can observe the  water pot , plate and bell used over hundred years ago.

Off the southwest coast of Mawlamyine is  a  small island,Shampoo island,where in the old days kings held hair washing ceremonies. In spite of its size, it has many pagodas and monasteries.

Pha-auk  Meditation  Center  was  established  by monk U Ke-mar-wut-nare in 1925. We had known as fruit  monk  because  he ate only fruit . In 1997, meditation   camps   are   opened   in   Malaysia , Singapore, Japan,U.S.A, England, India and more.

Located at TaYatGone, Mu-Pon Quarter and 2miles(3km) far from Mawlamyine

The aiport was built by the Japanese Engineers during World War II.

Located at Yoe-Go Vilage , 5mi (8km) from Mawalmyine.